Photovoltaics On Water

Use the water reservoir to produce renewable energy


Antamion in cooperation with Isigenere installs modern, efficient and safe photovoltaic installations on the surface of water bodies. We use the Isifloating™ system proven in many floating photovoltaic installations worldwide. Isifloating™ has been designed and extensively tested by Isigenere. Currently, the 4.0 generation of the Isifloating™ system is in use, where the latest technical solutions have been implemented, resulting from more than 10 years of experience of using the system on different water bodies in different climatic conditions. Floating photovoltaic installations can be placed on any inland water reservoir, particularly suitable for dam reservoirs at hydroelectric power plants, post-mining reservoirs (post-mining, recultivation, etc.), industrial reservoirs, lakes, ponds, etc.

Floating photovoltaic installations have advantages that cannot be achieved in traditional terrestrial photovoltaic installations and in several aspects have a clear advantage over them.

Greater efficiency

Increased efficiency of the photovoltaic installation by about 5-10% due to the phenomenon of cooling the panels on the water surface.

Do not occupy the land

FPV do not occupy valuable land used for agriculture, breeding, forestry, etc.

Smaller area

FPV use less space than on-ground installation of comparable power. There is no shading problem, so the panels are more densely arranged.

Reduce water evaporation

They reduce water evaporation by about 80% as the installation creates a protective barrier on the water surface.

Easier connection to the grid

As a rule, there is no problem of connection to the grid, as floating installations are typically installed in places where it is easy to connect to the grid or energy consumers, e.g. near hydropower plants.

Easy and quick assembly. Trouble-free maintenance of the plant during operation.

Designed and tested for the most difficult weather conditions.

Safe pathways on the plant.

A modern and carefully designed product ensuring safety and functioning of the installation even in difficult climate conditions.


Length: 1950 – 2430 mm
Width: 990 – 1135 mm
Configuration adaptable to larger panel sizes (optional).


PA6 + fiber
Nuts PA6


Injection plastic manufacturing
Material: Virgin HDPE UV Stabilized + antioxidant
Panel Tilt: 5º
Size: 1160x935x370 mm
Buoyancy: 240kg per each PV module


Material ALUMINUM 6063 T6 Universal- Fasteners AISI 306


Walkways, barriers, string inverter support
Material: Virgin HDPE, Non slipping Surface, UV Stabilized + antioxidant
Surface Tilt: 0º
Size: 1097 x 575 x 240 mm
Buoyancy: 157 kg/m2

Antamion - your partner for your floating photovoltaic installation

    Efficiency And Ecology

  • Best power output per unit Wp/m2. Floating installation takes up less space than on land.
  • Higher efficiency of photovoltaic panels due to panel cooling effect.
  • Less dirts on panels located on water bodies.
  • A photovoltaic installation on water reduces evaporation and reduces the risk of toxic algal blooms.

    Quality And Experience

  • A proven solution for floating photovoltaic installations by many customers worldwide.
  • Designed, tested and made with the highest quality.
  • It can withstand difficult weather conditions: strong winds, ice, large fluctuations in water level.
  • Easy and quick installation. Much faster than ground installations.

    Safety Of Use

  • Very high buoyancy rate for both plant components and service personnel.
  • Safe use ensured by the installation of protective barriers, non-slip surfaces, rope hooks.
  • Pedestrian pathways for the staff. No boats, motorboats, etc. are required for maintenance works on platform.
  • Places for cable tracks designed smartly that the cables do not come into contact with water.

    Design And Realization

  • Comprehensive realization: design and quotation of the installation, delivery of components, assembly, service training and operational support.
  • Assistance with administrative formalities and obtaining necessary permits.
  • Full warranty service. Extended warranty on request.
  • Short time of investment realization.