PicoSign, PicoLabel


Electronic paper displays offer great advantages in logistics and industrial applications. The unique features of technology make the ePaper displays excellent alternatives for various signage, labelling and marking of machinery and installations.




    Excellent features

  • Perfect paper-like readability regardless of lighting condition or viewing angle
  • No power required for displaying static information
  • Barcodes (both 1D and 2D) fully recognizable by standard equipment
  • On-device image generation based on templates and graphics library

    The possible applications can be unlimited:

  • Labelling of circulating containers where content changes and is identified by batch numbers
  • Labelling tanks, pipelines, valves, etc.
  • Labelling shelves, racks in warehouses where product locations change frequently
  • Other applications like: door signage, personal badges, informative boards

ePaper displays depending on versions are ultra low power or no power demand for displaying static information.

The content update can be easily done by connecting the displays to WiFi, LAN or internet or directly by a RFID scanner.

  • No batteries, no recharging
  • No cables, never out of batteries – labels fully sealed
  • Built with well-proven RFID technology
  • Interface for computers and smartphones using the NFC standard

Many industrial applications require ATEX compliance and ePaper displays thanks to the technology specific attributes can be safely used in ATEX classified areas.

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