Dedicated photovoltaic panels for floating installations

Photovoltaic installations placed on water reservoirs operate under severe dynamic loads from winds, waves or fluctuating water levels. In spite of this, professional photovoltaic platforms Isifloating™ last for 25 years and more, because high-quality components are used to build the installations. One of the most important components are the photovoltaic panels. That is why ZNShine Solar has developed for Antamion a photovoltaic panel of special design for photovoltaics on water.

  • Panel power of 450 Wp providing an optimal relationship between panel size&weight and maximising energy yield from a floating PV platform.
  • Reinforced and adapted frame for Isifloating platform floats.
  • The unique graphene coating gives the panel anti-reflective, self-cleaning properties and better absorption of diffused light.
  • Double-glass construction for greater mechanical resistance.
  • Increased panel tightness to improve the panel’s resistance to working in wet conditions over water.
  • Certificates for resistance to saline and ammoniac corrosive atmospheres.

It is worth noting that a panel operating on water generates more electricity than a panel on land due to the cooling effect of water. Therefore, a PV farm on water has better energy yield than a farm on land.