FPV Plant In Gdansk, Poland

🎉We are pleased to announce that Antamion has constructed a 49.5 kWp floating photovoltaic installation in Gdansk, Poland. The investor is Gdańska Agencja Rozwoju Gospodarczego (Gdansk Economic Development Agency).

🚀This is the first professional floating photovoltaic installation in Poland, realised using Isifloating technology in cooperation with our partner the Spanish company ISIGENERE S.L. The installation is located on an artificial water retention reservoir in Gdansk and serves to supply the nearby Koga office building with green energy.

💪🏼The project was also implemented as a demonstrator of floating photovoltaic technology for use on various retention reservoirs, of which there are many in Poland.

Antamion’s Team is working on further floating photovoltaics projects and we will inform on further photovoltaics-on-water realisations in the future.