Why Risen and ZNShine?

Here are some reasons why it is worthwhile to consider Risen and ZNShine photovoltaic panels.

Risen panels:

  • They have one of the lowest power temperature coefficient. This means that when the nominal operating temperature is exceeded, there is less power loss compared to panels from other manufacturers.
  • Certified resistance to difficult environmental conditions. This makes Risen panels an ideal solution for agricultural, coastal or desert environments. On farms and their surroundings there is a great deal of different dust and ammonia fumes, e.g. on livestock farms. Thanks to its anti-reflection coating and reinforced ammonia fog construction, the Risen panel is ideal for installation on agricultural land and on livestock farms. The coastal environment, on the other hand, has a high salt content. The reinforced salt spray construction makes the Risen modules the most popular brand by the sea. Desert conditions are not only the deserts themselves, but also unpaved roads, where passing vehicles and the wind can blow up dust and sand that can hit the photovoltaic panel. The reinforced structure significantly reduces previous corrosion and degradation of the module.
  • Special anti-reflective coating, which reduces the time to achieve nominal operation through greater absorption of diffuse solar radiation. This is important in the latitude of Central and Northern Europe, where there are more cloudy and cloudy days of the year than sunny ones. The anti-reflective coating also has the properties of so-called self-cleaning and does not cause the effect of dazzling by the reflected solar rays from the module.


ZNShine panels:

ZNShine is the most innovative company of all photovoltaic panel manufacturers.

  • Unique graphene coating, thanks to which the panel has self-cleaning, anti-reflective properties and better absorption of diffuse light.
    Round bus-bars. The vast majority of manufacturers use flat bus-bars, while the use of round ones causes less reflected sunlight, which increases the efficiency of the module.
  • Durability and resistance to damage. Most often the panel is damaged by microcracks or fire. Microcracks are caused by wind, either on the ground structure or on the roof, while fire is most often caused by a carelessly made installation or by animals, e.g. martens. To avoid such events, more bus-bars or glass-glass systems are designed.
  • ZNShine uses the “double glass” system together with 9 bus-bars, which allows offering a 30 year guarantee on efficiency, and thanks to this patented technology the ZNShine panel achieves a very high non-flammability.