Digitalizing Instint

At World JEC 2018 Ashland has officially launched a new digital innovation for color identification for the Instint gelcoat tinting system. The ColorSearch technology encompasses a portable color scanner Nix Pro connected to a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with a dedicated color app. The technology offers fast color measurement and searching the closest color within the existing Instint color database. The current color database consists of colorcards RAL, NCS, Instint 720 and Ashland individual colors which gives 3000+ colors in the search range.

The ColorSearch scanner set is very handy thus the color identification can be even done at the customer, reading color data directly from the customer’s color sample.

JEC visitors were excited about the new technology. It will significantly enhance the color service offering for the end-customers. The orders for new colored gelcoats can be captured much faster and more efficiently supporting the gelcoat business growth.

The application can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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