Nix Pro color scanner for the Instint mobile application


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  • Nix Pro color scanner dedicated for the Instint mobile application
  • 3000+ Instint colours in the app database
  • Available colourcards RAL, NCS, Instint 720 and Ashland Individual Colours
  • Super handy and easy for use
  • Colour identification can be done at your workplace, reading colour data directly from color sample
  • Automatic online update of colour database via the mobile app
  • New features and fixes
  • Technical support
0.3 kg

Instint Label Roll


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Labels 100×49 mm with logo Instint. Designed for printers used in the Instint gelcoat tinting system. Sold in rolls@1000 pcs.

Plastic plug for dispensers with punching system


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Plastic plug for lid aperture after punching in the colorant dispenser. Sold in boxes@400 pcs.

Plug securing Cover


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Plug Securing Cover is used for preventing the plug from popping up during mixing. The cover is put on the pail lid before placing the pail into the mixer.

  • Save your time and unnecessary cleaning work because of accidental plug release during mixing.
  • Dimensions adapted for Ashland pail lids.
  • Fits well to the mixer automatic clamping system.