Our Services

We help to grow your colour business.

Antamion provides support and assistance for your colour business. Based on our expertise and technologies we can contribute to grow your business, provide services and troubleshooting for your tinting system.

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Instint System


The best tinting system for gelcoats in the Composite industry.

Instint™ is the best tinting system in Composite industry designed to colour gelcoats. It offers very good accuracy of tinted colours, fast production time (in minutes) and high quality gelcoats.

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Useful information for Instint customers.

Bank of information for Instint customers. Manuals, instructions, best practices. For registered users only.

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CEO Editorial


Note from Piotr Musiał, Antamion Owner & CEO

Dear Reader

In the modern world fast and quality service is a key to achieve customer satisfaction and grow the business. Colorant tinting systems are great tools which enable to provide such superior service performance regarding colored products in various industries. Antamion offers professional support to keep your tinting system robust and operating at high performance.

We are proud to cooperate with Ashland and to support the best tinting system for gelcoats: Instint™. By combining our expertise in gelcoats & colorants, formula management and IT knowledge we continuously devise innovative solutions to maintain Instint™ a leading, attractive and customer respected tinting system.