Colour Technology

We help customers to focus on their businesses


Antamion provides professional support and service to Instint™ system users and customers, thus helping Ineos Composites Instint customers to grow their businesses. In its role Antamion acts as “single-point-contact” and interfaces between customers and Ineos Composites or colorant and software supplier, or machine supplier in communication, new developments, problem solving, maintenance services, etc.


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    Our advantages

  • Experienced in gelcoats and tinting system
  • Flexibility
  • Focused on innovation for tinting system development
  • Fast reaction
  • Extra services to make Instint operation even safer and simpler

    Benefits for Instint users

  • In case of problems no need to desperately find who to contact
  • Better reliability of Instint operation
  • Increased attractiveness of Instint gelcoats for end customers
  • free of charge (apart of extra services, if ordered)

Fields of Expertise

Gelcoat & Colorants

Antamion cooperates closely with Ineos Composites and has broad knowledge about Ineos Composites high quality gelcoats and Instint system. We can assist in selecting Ineos Composites gelcoats for your Instint business as well as colorants for your colour requirements.

IT Technology

We can take care of your tinting software. Selling license, installation, configuration, remote assistance. We deliver you "ready-to-go" Instint tinting software. If needed, we can also provide you maintenance service of your standard computer software.

Color formula management

In cooperation with Ineos Composites color laboratory we manage the central Instint formula database. Thus, we can quickly deliver new color formulas electronically to your tinting units. You don't need to enter them manually. We save your time.

Tinting machines

Planning to buy a new dispenser or mixer? Do you have technical problems with your current one? Antamion can assist you in selection of the most suitable machine for your Instint activity. We can help you to find a solution for your machine problems.

Always up to date Receive valuable information

Useful information for Instint customers


What we do

  • Promoting Instint system and Instint gelcoats at customers.’
  • Leading and coordinating development of Instint colorants, software, machines and Instint accessories.
  • Developing, promoting and introducing of new functionalities, tools or products for Instint system or for Instint customers.
  • Coordination support of acquisition of new Instint units.
  • Administering and managing central formula database, maintaining database replication to Instint customers.
  • IT related matters: software installation and management, PC remote support, recommending and implementing solutions to improve reliability and security of Instint IT infrastructure at the customer site.
  • Coordination and assistance to maintenance service of machines at customers.