Photovoltaics On Land

We help customers to develop their businesses based on green energy


A photovoltaic installation can bring many measurable financial, ecological and technical benefits to the user if it is well designed and based on good quality components.

Antamion offers comprehensive execution of photovoltaic installations as well as the sale of solar panels from recognised manufacturers, the latest modern technologies and favourable prices, purchase and warranty conditions.

We are offering a new approach for a quality cooperation with our customers and partners

Everyone is important to us. Individual clients will get an installation tailored to their needs. Installers will be able to develop their business based on our partnership programme. We will build photovoltaic farms and equip them with modern panels to meet your investment requirements.

The solar installations we make offer many advantages for their users

Home Installations

  • Significant reduction of the investment cost by using high-power panels
  • Fewer panels means lower maintenance costs
  • Modern panels with higher efficiency generate more electricity
  • Newer technology means a more durable and reliable product

Companies / Industry

  • More efficient use of the roof area of the industrial building thanks to high-power panels
  • More electricity from the same roof surface area
  • Lower unit investment cost
  • Improved reliability of the PV installation's operation

PV farms

  • Latest technology
  • Long lifetime of the farm
  • Well-chosen panels will increase the output power of the farm
  • Reduction of the investment and ongoing maintenance costs

How we operate

Quality Customer Service

We act fast. Our professional team can quickly assist and advise you at every stage of enquiry, building and use of solar installations. We work for you. Your requirements are most important to us and we will do our best that you can trust us.

International Expertise

The broad network of our business partners is our strength. We operate in Poland and Spain, but also retain commercial and technical relations in many other countries. Our international strength we extend to our customers offering the service and experience which local companies cannot compete with.

Latest Technologies

Our product portfolio consists of solar panels of the latest technologies offering best-in-class technical parameters and performance warranty. We follow the technology development in the panel industry and together with our partner suppliers we strive to be the first to propose the benefits of the PV technology progress to our customers.

Competitive Prices

Scale of our operation, professional business management and the range of business partners allow us to calculate and offer competitive solar installations. We also sell panels starting from single pallets up-to full container loads and each transaction we care to find the best commercial solution for our customers.

Our Panels

  • We offer modules that feature the latest technologies such as graphene coating, half-cut, etc.
  • The solar panels in our portfolio are sourced from the best and recognizable manufacturers
  • Our energy-saving photovoltaic panels are of the highest quality and offered at market competitive prices
  • We promote monocrystalline modules only, which guarantee maximum efficiency and energy saving of your PV power plant

Enjoy working with us!