Modern ground- and roof-mounted photovoltaic installations

We carry out ground-mounted as well as roof-mounted photovoltaic installations. We assist in the entire planning and execution of the investment, from the analysis of energy consumption, selection of the optimum size of the installation, through design and administrative processing of the necessary permits and administrative decisions to the construction and installation of the complete installation including connection to the power grid. We also take on unusual and complex subjects, e.g. unstable ground, combination of technologies, e.g. classic and floating PV, as well as integrations with energy storage. We pay great attention to the quality of implementation, not only in the preparation and installation phase, but also in the warranty and service phase. We use good, proven materials, which are assembled by our experienced installation teams.

Safe construction and operation

The safety of photovoltaic installations is a key element in ensuring not only efficient operation, but also minimising the risk of potential hazards, including fire. We pay particular attention to this during the design and construction of installations.

Optimal energy solutions

Selecting the optimum energy parameters for a PV installation is a decisive factor in achieving maximum efficiency and profitability of the system. We analyse energy consumption patterns, climatic conditions, available sites for PV installation and propose the optimal solution.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Customer satisfaction with the results of our work is of paramount importance to us.

Create a modern, green photovoltaic installation with us

Savings on electricity costs

Attractive payback period of up to 5 years. Independence from energy price volatility in the market. Possibility of obtaining subsidies and tax benefits.

Advantages of own PV installation over contracted green energy

Trends in modern renewable energy point to the growing popularity of owning one's own photovoltaic plant rather than using green energy purchase contracts.

Integration with energy storage and EV chargers

A well-chosen and efficient combination of PV installations with energy storage and chargers for electric cars can significantly increase the profitability of energy generation.

Optimised installation based on an energy audit

Matching the size of the PV farm to the plant's energy needs is the key to maximising the economic benefits of investing in your own source of green energy.

Maximise the benefits of solar PV by integrating it with energy storage

Use parking space to generate green energy.

Antamion - your professional partner for your photovoltaic installation

Expertise and professionalism

  • Analysis and selection of installations to meet your company's needs.
  • Professional management of the construction of PV plants (Project Management).
  • Working with large companies with high standards and corporate requirements.
  • Experience in non-standard projects or combining different RES technologies.

Quality of implementation

  • Well-considered selection of PV components to achieve the optimum quality-to-cost ratio for the installation.
  • Assembly teams with extensive experience in the PV industry.
  • Favourable warranty and service conditions.
  • Every client is a valued partner for us, whose good opinion is the culmination of a successful project.