Innovative charging stations for electric cars

Electric cars are becoming more and more common, so having the infrastructure to charge them is increasingly important for the sustainability of any company. This applies to companies that already have electric cars in their fleet, as well as companies for which having a charging station will be an important argument to attract new customers. We offer the selection of a charging stations to suit your company's needs and the installation of the station at the chosen location. For greater energy and economic efficiency, we can integrate charging stations with power from a renewable energy source and energy storage.

EV chargers connected to RES

Use of RES installations such as photovoltaics to power an electric car charger. Provides green energy charging and reduced charging costs. Particularly beneficial for low-power chargers (AC up to 22 kW), as it enables the efficient use of PV micro-installations to power charging stations.

EV chargers with energy storage

Possibility of installing fast chargers despite of absence of a high-power energy connection. Energy buffering by the storage facility ensures that the EV is quickly recharged and that the energy supply in the storage facility is restored from the RES source or a low-power connection.

Mobile charging stations

Temporary mobile charging stations at trade fairs, events, summer car parks, construction sites, etc. Provision of electricity in areas where there is no charging or electric power infrastructure. Emergency charging of electric cars on the road.

Good charging infrastructure is key for the development of electromobility. We provide innovative solutions based on green energy and modern technologies.

Low-power AC chargers. Medium and high-power DC charging stations. Mobile charging stations.

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Charging stations for homes, hotels, company car parks, etc.

Low-power AC chargers (up to 22 kW) used for long-term parking charging. Mounted individually or in larger numbers. Free-standing, wall-mounted or within carports.

Medium-speed charging stations, DC up to 100 kW

DC charging stations with CCS2 connector designed for topping up electric cars when stationary (approx. 1 hr). Used at restaurants, shopping centres, public car parks, etc.

High-power fast charging stations integrated with storage and RES

DC charging stations up to 320 kW designed for quick energy recharging during a short stop on the road. Combined with energy storage and RES enabling installation in locations with low connection power.

Mobile charging stations

Movable charging and power supply systems. Installed on vans or trailers. Equipped with their own battery storage, BMS, charger for electrics or a set of connection sockets for supplying power.

AC chargers designed for charging at a longer stops

High-power charging stations integrated with energy storage