Safe and efficient photovoltaic installations on the surface of water reservoirs.

Floating photovoltaics (FPV) is a great solution to utilise the unused surfaces of water bodies to generate green energy. We are a partner of Isigenere and Sungrow Floating PV which are the largest, most reputable and experienced companies supplying floating systems for the installation of photovoltaics on water. The brands Isifloating™ and Sungrow FPV stand for robust, professional floating systems, proven in many projects around the world, in hundreds of megawatts of power. Floating photovoltaics is an innovative technology, but characterised by mature technical know-how that allows to design and construction of installations to operate in virtually any hydrological and meteorological conditions on inland waters.

Greater efficiency

An increased efficiency of approximately 5-10% of the photovoltaic installation due to the cooling effect of the PV panels on the water surface.

Do not occupy valuable land

Do not occupy precious lands used for agriculture, livestock or other social needs. Reservoirs can be used in urbanised areas where there is no other place for large PV farms.

Smaller footprint

They take up less area than a ground-based PV installation of comparable power. On water, the layout of PV panels is simpler, there is no problem of shading, so the panels are arranged more compactly.

Photovoltaics on water can be used on various water reservoirs


higher energy yields for floating PV than conventional PV

1,5 MW/ha

for a solar plant on water


Reduced evaporation and water loss after installation of the FPV platform

Photovoltaic installations on the water surface offer unique advantages

compared to traditional photovoltaic installations on land, and in many situations are a better alternative to ground-based ones.

Better availability of water surfaces than land ones

Land is increasingly difficult to access for solar PV and increasingly expensive. Water surfaces are more readily available, in good locations for grid connection and are cheaper to lease.

Floating photovoltaics is socially beneficial

Large-scale terrestrial photovoltaic farms can cause resistance and conflict in local communities. The use of non-utilised water bodies, e.g. post-mining, industrial, retention areas, is much more socially acceptable.

Helps conserve water and fight drought

Covering the water surface with an FPV platform significantly reduces evaporation and therefore water loss from the water reservoir. This is of great importance in times of a warming climate and increasing drought. It also improves water quality by reducing water heating.

FPV harmoniously coexists with the environment

A PV platform on the water surface inhibits algae and algal growth. It also provides a refuge for fish from predatory birds, so it is a beneficial solution for farm ponds, for example. The platform is placed low above the water, so it does not visually disrupt the landscape.

Technology engineered and proven in the toughest conditions

Safe use for many years

Antamion - your professional partner for your floating photovoltaic installation

Quality and expertise

  • Professional float systems for photovoltaics on water.
  • Analysis of hydrological, meteorological, bathymetric conditions for a water body intended for FPV.
  • Experience in the design, construction and operation of floating photovoltaic installations.
  • We operate in accordance with the DNVGL-RP-0584 guidelines "Design, Development And Operation Of Floating Solar Photovoltaic Systems".

Efficiency and ecology

  • Higher energy yields of floating installations due to the cooling effect of panels placed on water.
  • Best unit efficiency MWp/ha. A floating installation requires much less space than a land-based installation.
  • Less dirt on panels located on water bodies.
  • A photovoltaic installation on water reduces evaporation and reduces the risk of toxic algal blooms.