The foundation of our business is green innovative technologies

Our business segments are innovation-oriented, both in terms of products and customer services. In the Renewable Energy Technologies segment, we will advise, design and manufacture the most suitable renewable energy installations of various types for your company: classic photovoltaic, floating photovoltaic, micro hydro turbine. Quality is our differentiator, which is why we use components from the latest technologies and renowned manufacturers. In the ePaper display segment, we use advanced techniques to ensure very low energy consumption, excellent display readability and real-time image updates.

A professional team for your projects


RES projects completed and in progress. Each project is an individual technical solution.

+100 pcs.

Installed ePaper displays of different sizes and in different locations.


We operate in Poland and Spain, but are also expanding into other countries.

Where we operate

Our core business area is Poland and Spain. Our offices are located in Gdynia (Poland) and Pamplona/Iruña (Spain). However, interest in our services and products is growing and we are gradually increasing our portfolio of clients from other countries. We are experienced in working in an international environment. Contacts with different clients are a pleasure and a normal part of our business.

Examples of RES implementation: state-of-the-art, economy, efficiency and environmental protection

Company history


Foundation of Antamion

Founding of the Company by a team of associates with extensive experience in modern project management and innovative industrial technologies in large foreign corporations.

Establishing a strategic partnership with MpicoSys

Antamion is entering into a strategic partnership with MpicoSys for the sale and distribution of ePaper technology displays to the Iberian market for EPIS, PicoSign, PicoLabel products. MpicoSys is a world leader in the development of e-ink display technology. Its flagship product EPIS (ePaper Passenger Information System) is one of the best real-time communication systems for public transport.

Main business segments: RES technologies, ePaper systems

Antamion focuses on its core business segments, which are RES Technologies and ePaper Systems. Within RES technologies, Antamion's specialisation becomes photovoltaics on water by establishing a partnership with the Spanish company Isigenere S.L., a pioneer in the development of floating platform technology for photovoltaics.

Opening of a subsidiary in Spain

In order to strengthen customer relations in the Spanish market, Antamion is setting up a subsidiary in Spain called Antamion Iberia S.L., based in Pamplona/Iruña.

Establishment of cooperation with Sunwa (Tecnoturbines)

Antamion is entering into a partnership with Sunwa (Tecnoturbines) for the distribution and sale of hydraulic microturbines on the Polish market.

First floating photovoltaic installation in Poland

Antamion is building the first professional floating photovoltaic installation in Poland. The installation was built in cooperation with partner Isigenere S.L. based on Isifloating technology. The installation has a capacity of 50 kWp.