We will examine your energy requirements. We will tailor the optimal renewable energy source.

Based on your company's energy consumption data and energy characteristics, we will select a RES source technology and calculate its optimal parameters. This may include a photovoltaic power plant, in any design, i.e. rooftop, ground or floating, or the use of hydroelectric power where possible. Our aim is to create a personalised and sustainable solution that meets your energy demands while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Energy auditing and analysis

We analyse energy consumption data. Calculate and select the generation profiles of RES sources. We help you optimise your company's production and technical processes to make better use of renewable energy generation.

Feasibility study. Design. Construction documentation

We assist in RES investments at every preparatory and design stage. We will advise on RES decisions. We will design the installation and make a complete set of documentation for the implementation of the project.

Managing the administrative process of obtaining licences and permits

We will analyse the local development plan and the possibility of building a PV installation. Application for the grid connection conditions to the DSO. Preparation of an environmental report, if necessary to obtain an environmental permit. In the case of floating photovoltaics, we will make a water report and obtain a water permit. Finally, we will prepare the application and obtain the construction permit.

Are you planning a renewable energy installation? We will help you design it and obtain the necessary administrative permits

Engineering team with experience in the development of renewable energy installations

Analytics and profiling of RES consumption and generation

Provided support to clients across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Designing of photovoltaic installations

Portfolio of completed projects for both self-consumption installations and photovoltaic farms, including integrated with energy storage.

Designing of floating photovoltaic installations

Design of floating platforms, anchoring/mooring systems, electrical design of PV installations and grid connections.

Designing of microturbine installations for energy recovery of water flows

Turbine selection, design of turbine assembly and water pipelines, turbine control, grid connection.

Antamion - good engineering and good investment preparation are the key to a reliable RES installation