Pływająca fotowoltaika w Gdańsku

Antamion has built the first professional floating photovoltaic installation in Poland based on Isifloating technology from the Spanish company Isigenere. The 49.5 kWp installation was built in Gdansk on behalf of the Gdansk Economic Development Agency. The floating PV platform is placed on an artificial rainwater retention reservoir and is a good example of the use of unused water surfaces for green energy generation.

Floating photovoltaics (FPV) has many advantages over classic photovoltaics on the ground or on the roof. First of all, it does not occupy valuable land, which can therefore be used for other purposes (agricultural, recreational, etc.). Photovoltaics on water are generally located on artificial or industrial reservoirs using water surfaces that have no natural or social value. In addition, a photovoltaic installation on water takes up less space than a comparable installation on land. A major advantage of a power plant on water is that it generates more energy than one on land. This is due to the cooling effect of the water environment on the PV panels, which makes it possible to achieve approx. 5-10% higher yields than an installation on land or on the roof. An important positive aspect of photovoltaics on water is that a floating platform on the water surface reduces water evaporation by up to 80% and inhibits the growth of harmful algae, thus improving water quality. This is particularly important in the context of a warming climate and increasing global drought. Floating photovoltaics is a relatively new, but already mature and safe technology, and is therefore growing strongly worldwide, particularly in Asia, Japan and China. In Europe, e.g. in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, more and more floating photovoltaic power plants are being built on a large multi-megawatt scale. In Poland, this technology is still little known, although the national potential for floating photovoltaics is estimated at around 3 GW, and this only takes into account artificial, post-mining, retention, settling or dam reservoirs at hydroelectric power plants.

Antamion is the leader in Poland in floating photovoltaics. We have the most knowledge and experience in photovoltaics on water, as well as a great understanding of the market and conditions for FPV in Poland. And importantly, we work with professional and large partners, like Isigenere, who build many floating PV installations around the world.

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