Innovative micro hydroturbine installations

The micro hydroturbines manufactured by Sunwa (Tecnoturbines) are specifically designed to generate electricity under fluctuating hydraulic conditions, taking advantage of the excess pressure present in water supply networks. Tecnoturbines technology electronically modifies the speed of the turbine to the point where it generates the maximum possible power under the given hydropower conditions, and then transmits the generated power to the grid with the parameters required by the grid operator.

Patented technology

Patented and unique microturbine control technology using modern IoT protocols.

100% renewable energy

Lower environmental impact than wind and solar power. Simpler connection to the power grid.

Payback period of up to 2 years

Profitable projects with high ROI. Fixed income with very low economic risk.

Find out about the interesting advantages of turbine installations

which differentiate the turbines from other RES installations

Continuous energy generation

A microturbine, unlike, for example, a PV plant, operates non-stop 24 hours / day, 365 days a year. The amount of energy produced for a given turbine depends only on the amount of water flowing, which can vary between summer and winter periods.

High energy output

The turbine produces a lot of energy per kW due to its 24 h continuous operation. Depending on hydrological conditions, a 20 kW turbine produces as much energy per year as a PV installation of almost 200 kW.

Does not disturb the landscape or surroundings

A microturbine installation is compact, unlike photovoltaic farms or windmills. The water supply pipework can be hidden underground and the turbine itself housed in a small technical room.

Unmanned operation

The turbine installation is maintenance-free. The turbine management software ensures correct operation of the turbine under all water flow conditions.

Simple working principle

Compact and easy to install

Use falling water to generate green energy