Green energy sources for a better future for your company

We support the development of sustainable energy sector by offering a comprehensive service from requirements analysis, consultancy, design and implementation of renewable energy installations.

A professional team with unique knowledge, competence and experience in the field of innovative renewable energy sources and electromobility.

We are innovation-oriented, both in terms of technology and customer service. We use conventional solutions such as rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaics, but also innovative solutions such as floating photovoltaics or microturbines for water fall energy recovery. We work with professional business partners and suppliers providing high quality and latest generation components.

Team of experts

Ability to select the best RES technologies for a specific project. Ability to manage and implement RES projects.

Analysis of customer needs

Energy audit, evaluation of energy consumption, calculation of savings resulting from the implementation of renewable solutions.

Proposals for renewable energy solutions

Most optimal technologies. Possibility of using different forms of energy depending on local conditions. Wide range of customisation options.

Implementation and execution

Design, construction and installation of renewable energy systems. Maintenance and servicing of installations. Verification and performance monitoring.

Our advantage is the wide range of technologies that we have at hand and that we can apply to your business

Our inspiration is that energy in your business should not just be a cost, but by being green and low-cost it should drive your business forward.


Roof and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems

Floating photovoltaics

Photovoltaic installations on water reservoirs

Hydraulic microturbines

Recuperative turbines for hydraulic energy recovery

Evaluation of energy consumption

Selection of the most adequate technology. Optimisation of costs and RES efficiency.

Preparation of documentation

for design and implementation of RES installations. Procedure of agreements, decisions and permits for each stage of the investment.

Electromobility powered by RES

EV chargers connected to RES, chargers with energy storage, mobile chargers.

Examples of RES implementation: modern, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly

We support the development of sustainable energy by offering a comprehensive service from requirements analysis, consultancy, design and implementation of renewable energy installations.

Our Technologies - Numbers And Facts

Our RES technologies have unique features that will allow you to achieve significantly greater economic benefits and better care for the environment.


higher energy yields for floating PV than conventional PV

1,5 MW/ha

for a solar power plant on water


more energy is obtained from microturbines than from photovoltaics


design lifetime of the floating PV plant

upto 80%

floating PV reduces water evaporation

3 years

payback period for the microturbine plant